Senior Phase: gr.7-9


Learning is broken down into 4 areas: lecturing, memorising, active learning, and facilitated self-study.


Lecturing is not, according to studies (read the article here, or here), the ideal way of teaching. We use a combination of short classes and videos to introduce concepts and explain the work covered in textbooks. 

Memorising: In all subjects, there are terms and concepts that simply needs to be memorised. We teach learners techniques to memorise facts, but it is their responsibility to spend time on this. We often quiz learners on facts and give them worksheets to help memory and recall. 

Active learning: This is the fun part! We present workshops where learners do practical application, discussions, and tasks to help them understand and engage with the content. The structure of active learning workshops depends on the subject, but the aim is the same: learning through doing and having fun. 

Self-study: In times between workshops and lectures learners do ‘self-study’ lessons giving them time to do plenty of exercises and past papers, allowing time to study as well as complete tasks. Facilitated self-study lessons develop skills in comprehension, reading, and study techniques and also teaches learners to be self-reliant and self-disciplined.