CAPS, IEB, Cambridge and GDE

CAPS gr. R – 12: We work with Auxilio and Impak as CAPS curriculum providers. Learners will receive the syllabus, assessments and tests from the curriculum provider. Impak provides textbooks, but learners must purchase their own books with Auxilio. Both Auxilio and Impak work through the SACAI exam board and is the same as gr.12 in a mainstream school. The work covered is the same, however prescribed literature might differ. Fees to the curriculum provider must be paid directly to them and are not included in our monthly fee.

IEB gr. R – 12: Brainline provides the IEB curriculum for home schoolers. Gr. 8 – 11 learners must purchase their own textbooks while Brainline provide all textbooks electronically as well as learning material for gr.12.  

Cambridge: Cambridge is an internationally recognized qualification developed by the Cambridge University in the UK. Learners are required to write 2 sets of exams: IGCSE and AS-levels.

IGCSE is the equivalent of gr.10. Grades are based on one set of exams (no tasks) of 7 subjects that can be written at any age between 14 and 16 when the learner is ready.

AS-levels is the equivalent of gr.12. Grades are based on one set of exams (no tasks) of 5 subjects that can be written between the ages of 16 and 19 when the learner is ready. All subjects don’t have to be completed in the same year and learners need not have passed previous grades to meet entry requirements for IGCSE, but need to have completed gr.10 or IGCSE to do AS-levels.  Each consist of a two year course, but learners can do it over as many years as needed.

GED and SAT: This is the equivalent to gr.12 in the USA. Learners need no prior schooling to register for the GED exams but must be over 16. This is an ideal system for unschoolers. GED is made up of 4 exams: English, Maths, Science and Social studies. Learners who wish to go to university, must also complete the SAT exams. This consists of 1 exam testing critical reading, Maths and writing.  The process of completing GED and SAT typically takes 6 – 12 months, however learners may take as much time as needed.

We are more than happy to advise should you need help in choosing a curriculum.