Foundation Phase: Gr. R - 3 

Our vision for learners within this phase is to develop skills rather than memorizing facts. We use worksheets as well as project-based learning and plenty of healthy, educational play. Developmental levels at such a young age vary and we focus on what they are able to do and build on that step-by-step to give them the foundation to progress. Not all learners fall within the mean and judging all learners by the same normative values can be damaging to their self-esteem and further development.

From a young age, we encourage learners to take responsibility for their own learning and use their interests to further their skills. 



Gr.0-9 learners don’t have to be registered with a curriculum provider.

Please contact us if you are unsure of which to choose.

Most of our learners work through Impaq, however, we can work with any curriculum provider.


Classes start at 08.00 and end at 13.30

Classes are usually 50 min long with a 5-10 min break between classes, and one 30 min break during the day.

Our classes are not lectures where the teacher talks in front of the class - kids learn through doing worksheets, playing games, making artworks, and working with educational toys. This allows each learner to work at their own pace and go back to foundation work that might have been missed. We take our cues from learners - when they are too tired to work, we switch over to games. Each learner will make their own set of educational games from an abacus to place value blocks; a reading and storybooks to fine motor co-ordination games and musical instuments.

We also use online reading and maths programs to make learning more varied and teach them how to use computers. 

We put together files for learners that contains all the work for the term. This means that there is no need to buy textbooks or workbooks.


Learners at this age shouldn't be stressed about school and should play! In this light (and because we know that homework is often more of a burden on parents than a learning opportunity for kids) we don't give homework.   

Tutors / teachers / facilitators

Our tutors are not all qualified teachers. We hire people who have a passion for teaching; are capable of doing so with love and understanding and have experience working with kids. These values are more important to us than a certificate or degree. We train our teachers and monitor classes and progress closely.

Parental involvement

We appreciate parents who are involved in their child's education. Studies have shown that learners with involved parents perform better at school. However, we completely understand parents don't always have the subject knowledge to assist with learning.

By being involved, we mean: Be aware of test and assignment dates, check that learners do homework, but most importantly: keep in contact with us. Whenever there is a concern, a missed school day, or a good achievement - we need to know. We can only deal with problems if we know they exist.

We want your child to be happy at Sandra's House, and we want them to perform to the best of their ability.

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