Maths Center




Problems with Maths are common and can influence a learner’s subject choices and study opportunities. The earlier these problems are addressed, the better. It is never too late to start. Plenty of learners who struggle with Maths get a block about it and believe that they don’t have the ability to do Maths. Sandra’s House believes that all learners can cope with Maths with the right help, and even enjoy it!


Sandra’s House offers Maths classes from gr.0 – gr.12. Our motto for Maths classes is: understand, repeat and revise. We break lessons up into bite size sections with an instructional DVD to explain how to approach and understand the section. The work is then constantly repeated and revised. Revision takes place throughout the year so that the work is not forgotten.


Classes are held in the afternoons and learners must attend at least one class one hour per week. Two classes are recommended for learners with serious problems. Maths classes can be combined with reading/writing classes.