Reading difficulties can influence a learners’ progress in all his/her school subjects. However, even with severe problems such as Dyslexia, learners can achieve success with the right help. Sandra’s House also assists children and adults to learn to read and write.


At Sandra’s House we don’t only focus on reading, but also on spelling and writing since all three these aspects go hand-in-hand. We use a computer program to improve learners’ reading and spelling abilities and written exercises to improve writing, spelling and coordination. Reading and listening exercises are based on Dolch’s word list of the 1000 most used words, as well as the school curriculum. Curricula from all subjects are used for comprehension- and listening tests in order to help learners learn vocabulary and jargon they use in school.  


Classes are held in the afternoons and learners must attend at least one class one hour per week. Two classes are recommended for learners with serious problems. Reading/writing classes can be combined with Maths classes.

Reading and Writing Center